Jul 182010

“Moving Rocks” was originally a potential name for a drumming  concept that I had been working on.  I came up with the phrase while working on my grip with drumsticks on a practice pad during the summer of 2009.  The technique that I was concentrating on was properly positioning my feet, shoulders, elbows and wrists in order to facilitate symmetric positioning and motion of my fingers and the sticks.

The idea popped into my head that the way that the pattern of these few  specific areas largely determines how everything lines up is similar to the way that the pattern of rocks can determine how water flows in a creek.  I thought of moving these different areas of the body as being like moving rocks in a creek and decided that “Moving Rocks” might be a good shorthand for the concept.

Within a minute or two I decided that I really liked the phrase “Moving Rocks” and that it would also be a cool name for a song and/or album and/or band and/or project-of-some-kind.  Within a day or two I had decided to use it for a band name and probably other projects as well.

I’ve thought of many alternative interpretations of the phrase. My favorite one from early on is to use “Moving Rocks” to mean “moving is awesome”.

I set up MovingRocks.com in 2009 to facilitate any or all things Moving Rocks that I might come up with.

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