Poems by Dave Smithey

Here's to the Poet

Here's to the poet,
He didn't even know it.
But when he made some money,
He did already owe it.

Then he said, "What the heck."
"I guess I'll have to write a check".
And the check that he wrote.
He wished that it would float.
Now the poet is sad.
Because his check was bad.

But have no fear.
For the poet gets it in gear.
Yes, that's right, now he's poet of the year.

The poet gets his indication.
He finally sees some vindication.
His poems now have syndication.

The poet gets to fortune and fame.
Because he was determined to win the game.

To whom does the poet have to say "Thanks"???
Now that he owns several banks.
Only the beauty of the rhyme,
Can withstand the test of time.

Here's to the poet.
He didn't even know it.
Here's to the poet!!!

Poem Copyright, © 1989 Dave Smithey.

Arbitrary Page

Open to the most arbitrary page.
A cassette on the shelves of life.
Respectfully, smile on; as the animals do.
Life of philosophy, philosophy of life.

Ponder the vastness of any universe you choose.
Flow where the go is.
Sometimes freedom is in seven.
Call a locksmith.

Do we alone possess digital reverb???
Is there enough physics to explain poetry???
Do you believe in belief???
Hear the rhythm of the silent flames.

Is Studio City still there when you leave???
The refrigerator at the North Pole shines on.
I am the walrus.
Thank You!!! Good Night!!!

Poem Copyright, © 1985 Dave Smithey.