Web Development Projects by Dave Smithey

Freelance/Consultant Web Developer - Content Creator

Freelance web design, web development and programming. Long term consultant for several clients. Expanded my skills by completing UCLA Extension programming and web development courses and completing my own web development, programming and content creation projects.

Designed, built and maintained PrivilegeInc.com, the website for Los Angeles based home decorations importer Privilege International, Inc. Built a CD-based product catalog from the ground up with custom shopping cart functionality achieved with XHTML, CSS2 and extensive JavaScript programming.

Webmaster for websites of Los Angeles based Furniture Resources, Inc. including the online store at CyberFurniture.com. Hand-coded valid HTML, CSS and JavaScript for basic presentation code and implemented Zen Cart shopping cart framework for eCommerce functionality.

Created and maintained Denver based fitness website BeFit40.com using XHTML, CSS2 and JavaScript.

Highlights of my professional/portfolio websites include:
  • All sites were hand-coded using valid HTML/XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Programming examples used Java, C/C++, JavaScript, XML, Renderman and OpenGL.
  • Running pacing charts were calculated and HTML-formatted using straight "K+R" C code.
  • Over 2500 external resource links were manually curated.
  • 900 news links, 800 politics links and over 100 web research links were presented.
  • An extensive collection of Afghanistan and Iraq news links was featured.
  • United States, California and Los Angeles elections links were presented.
  • My computer graphics pictures, photos, lyrics and poems were showcased.
  • My drumming and rhythm ideas were presented.
  • Audio tracks (MP3) from my "Drums and Top40 Demo" were made available.
Some of this content is currently available from my computer generated images and lyrics and poems and drums and drumming pages.

The evolution of my main professional/portfolio websites began with the "Phonehenge Productions" website Phonehenge.com. Phonehenge is a portmanteau (combination of words) of phone (modern technology) and Stonehenge (ancient technology). I operated under this name until I sold Phonehenge.com to Unforgettabrand in the UK.

I then created my "RestOf Media Network" by building the websites RestOf.com, RestOfLinks.com, ItVaries.com and Drumpendium.com.

ItVaries.com was my artistic/creative portfolio site. I've used many different names for possible music projects over the years. "It Varies" was the name of my planned/possible/eventual music solo project at that time. (Q: "What's the name of your band?" - A: "It Varies."). This site featured my words, pictures (computer and photographic) and sounds.

Drumpendium.com presented some of my ideas on drumming and rhythm. "Drumpendium" is a portmanteau of drum and compendium. It was originally the name of one of my drum demos.

RestOfLinks.com collected 2500 external resources links into a separate site.

RestOf.com (The site with the "rest of" my content) had the programming portfolio and anything that was not on ItVaries.com, Drumpendium.com or RestOfLinks.com.

Later I consolidated all of that material into a single larger site at DaveURL.com. That site was retired when I started "Moving Rocks Media". I launched a blog/website on MovingRocks.com using WordPress as a CMS for blogging and content management.

I operated in "RestOf Media" mode from about 1997-2008 but sometimes worked under other names including "Phonehenge Productions", "DaveURL", "DrumThink, Inc." and directly as Dave Smithey.